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” Dr. Pat is simply the best. I have been going to him for the last 7 months for neck and back pain. I highly recommend paying him a visit and you won’t regret it! He is very knowledgeable, friendly and caring.” ~ Melissa M.


” Three years ago I was electrocuted while plugging a lamp into an outlet with a short in it. Since then I have  been dealing with numbness, pain and loss of strength. Coincidentally, all of these symptoms point to peripheral neuropathy. I had spent three years from doctor to doctor, none of which could provide a solution to my problem. After just a few visits with Dr. Pat, all of the symptoms are gone and I’m back to doing things that I love but haven’t been able to do for years.”  ~ D.C.


” As an athlete, a zumba instructor, a college student, and a person in general, chiropractic with Dr. Selimo has kept me going. Dr. Pat is a great person, has a great office environment, and chiropractic practiced this way is a great way to keep you living at your highest physical capacity!!!! You are the BEST Dr. Selimo! ” ~ A.H.


” Dr. Pat is very focused on learning newer methods and techniques in Chiropractic so he can better help different problems we all have. Presently he’s helping me with sleep issues. Who would have thought Chiropractic could be useful for that? “ ~ H. Smith


” I have a very strenuous job that requires a lot of physical activity. About 2 years ago I developed a sharp pain from my lower neck thru my arm and all the way down my side to my lower back. I tried doctors, chiropractic adjustments and physical therapist exercises but nothing helped. I went to Dr Pat for several sessions a week and after about 3 months, I saw a drastic improvement. The pain eventually went away thanks to Dr Pat’s revolutionary care. He cares so much about each patient and isn’t at all about the money. He views each patient with love and respect and wants nothing more than to see each of his patients feel better and be able to lead ordinary lives by overcoming or improving whatever ails them. I’ve been to many chiropractors in my life but nobody matches Dr Pat’s care.” ~ Michael S.


” I have been going to Dr Pat, for approximately five years, he is terrific, very professional and caring doctor. I highly recommend him.” ~ Leigh D.


” Dr. Pat Selimo provides detailed explanation of what he practices and how his services will affect your health. His hours are very flexible and will be there for you when needed.” ~ Cristian R.


” Great location. Great office. Nothing is better than a chiropractor, Dr.[Pat] Selimo, who cares for you and wants you to live a long healthy life! If you need a chiropractor who will listen to you and focus on healing your body, Dr.[Pat] Selimo is the doctor to go to!” ~ Amy H.


” After spending three years with pain and numbness in my arm, I finally found Dr Pat Selimo. I saw every other doctor imaginable and they either admitted they were not the right dr for me or tried to give me medicines that didn’t work or wanted to do surgery that I didn’t want. It took only one visit with Dr Pat for me to notice a difference. I’m back to doing things I once thought I’d never get to do again. I tell anyone with any kind of pain problem to talk to Dr Pat. He helped me, maybe he could help you too.” ~ Dora V.


” Dr. Pat is wonderful in what he does!! We’ve been going to him for several months now and the difference from the pain in the lower back to now is remarkable! Totally recommend his services and the location is great right near the Boonton Walmart” ~ Antoinette G.


” Great adjustment – and also great at correcting random injuries.” ~ Elizabeth M.


” My wife was shocked badly at work while plugging a lamp into a faulty outlet. She was told that she had nerve damage and would most likely have issues for the rest of her life. She continually experienced numbness, pain, and neuropathy in her arm. She experienced loss of control in her hand and would drop whatever she was holding. She spent three years being bounced around from doctor to doctor eventually being told that they couldn’t help her. She saw everyone from our regular doctor, to pain management, to an acupuncturist, to a neurologist and everything in between, always with the same result…we can’t fix or even help you. One even wanted to surgically implant a neurostimulator into her back. On a chance meeting at a business networking event, we met Dr. Pat. He and my wife got to talking about her situation. She went for xrays and her consultation. Turns out that when she got shocked, she tweaked 2 vertebrae in her back, something that not ONE of the other doctors took the time to find. After one visit with Dr. Pat, there was a noticeable difference, and after 3 or 4 visits, she was mostly cured. She is now back to doing things that she thought she would never do again. We are even talking about getting a motorcycle. This is all thanks to Dr. Pat. He is awesome. If you have any kind of pain issue, see Dr. Pat. Maybe he can help. He sure was a huge help and an angel for my wife.” ~ Calvin V.


” Dr Pat is an expert in his field, he has helped our family meet all our heath goals, we highly recommend him.” ~ Yanni S.


” I have been seeing Dr. Pat for about 8 years. It started with a back injury and they kept telling me I had to have surgery (which is not 100%). Although I will never be pain free Dr. Pat keeps me going as well as I can. Recently, I could barely move as I had re-injured that part of my lower spine again and was told to see a specialist.  Instead, Dr. Pat increased my frequency of visits and after a short period of time I once again was feeling so much better. Dr. Pat Selimo is compassionate and professional. These days I see Dr. Pat for my back and also for general well being. As a result my immune system has become stronger, and, I am rarely sick. I am blessed because he is  not only my chiropractor but a good friend.  Thank you Dr. Pat.” ~ L.N.


” After throwing my back out over a year ago, I realized the crucial importance of being proactive and taking care of my spine. Since going to Dr. Pat I have felt better and have had no major back problems since. Dr. Pat is courteous and knowledgable and is highly recommended. “ ~ Ryan N.


” Simply put, Dr. Pat Selimo is absolutely amazing! Dr. Pat is approachable, trust-worthy, knowledgeable, and precise. He always makes himself available when I have a question or need to schedule an appointment last minute. Starting day one- after his free consultation and having some x-rays taken; Dr. Pat and I reviewed the results from my examination & discussed the course of action that he believed would be best in alleviating the nagging pain I was experiencing in my knees, hips, and neck. I’ve been seeing Dr. Pat for close to a year now and the results have been astonishing! The pain is virtually gone and because of this, my quality of life has drastically improved. I cannot thank Dr. Pat enough!

What I like most about Dr. Pat is that he is trust-worthy and personable. I had visited a ton of chiropractors before I met Dr. Pat, and none of them compare. More importantly than anything else, he truly cares about his patients. My experience has been nothing short of amazing and I highly recommend his services to anybody & everybody who is looking for a chiropractor! Dr. Pat Selimo is the best! “ ~ Carl S.


” I have been a patient of Dr. Pat for 5 years and have been his employee for 2 years and it is always a pleasure going to his office. He provides exceptional care for his patients and has made a difference in my life as well as everyone who steps through his doors.” ~ Emily D.


” I have been seeing Dr. Pat for over four years. His chiropractic care has been crucial in helping me maintain my health. Dr. Pat continues to strive to give his clients the best in chiropractic care by constantly staying educated on the latest techniques. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their health or who suffers from various conditions.” ~ J.R.


” I cannot even begin to tell you how much going to Dr. Pat has kept me healthy. I am going to school, work two jobs and generally live a chaotic life. I was not a skeptic on chiropractic care. I did not have an injury or anything per say. I was just curious! Then I was introduced to Dr. Pat and he sat me down and explained the whole reason and theory that was behind the science of chiropractic. Everything he told me made complete sense, and I signed on. I have currently been in his office for the last six years. I have done this for myself in order to keep my body healthy. I absolutely trust the good doctor. Dr. Pat is honest and knows his craft. For this reason, I am still  his patient! Actually, because of Dr. Pat’s warm and friendly bed side manner, we have become friends. For that is how he treats everyone who enters his practice.” ~ R.L.


” Dr. Pat Selimo is the most amazing, kind and loving chiropractor I have ever met. I have been to a bunch of different chiropractor’s over the years and he is by far the best.” ~ A.K.


” I have been going to Dr. Pat for over 5 years. I believe in chiropractic and the health benefits that it brings to our lives. There are a few reasons as to why I have continued chiropractic care with Dr. Pat.  First, Dr. Pat has been keeping our family in optimal health. At first my son was hesitant to come with us but Dr. Pat made him feel at home. Secondly, no joke, my daughter automatically recites the schedule to me which always includes going to see Dr. Pat on Saturdays. Thirdly, Dr. Pat delivers excellent services and communicates with his clients the importance of chiropractic care. All of this in addition to his compassion, dedication, and his honesty are what keep his clients coming back. I would recommend Selimo Chiropractic to anyone and will continue to come as long as I can.”   ~ G.M.


“I have been with Dr. Pat on and off since 2010. He is a very caring and professional doctor. I have done mason work as well as other physical labor jobs for several years. As a result I underwent spinal surgery in 1997 and was given an epidural. Dr. Pat began working on my neck and lower spine and now has me feeling great. When  I first came in this time around I had burning in my outer thigh. This problem has since been resolved do to his adjustments. As of now, I am on a once a week protection program and doing well. Dr. Pat is an outstanding chiropractor.” ~ G.R.