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I Just Want To Talk To The Doctor!

Would you purchase a car and then look at the brochure? Normally it’s the other way around. As a result, we offer an easy way to learn about our practice without a commitment.

The way to speak to us is by scheduling a Complimentary Consultation. In our office a consultation is a conversation, NOT a commitment. During this time you will have an opportunity to interview us in a relaxed no pressure environment. We will listen and discuss your primary health complaint and then elaborate on how we may be able to help. Since many people are skeptical of chiropractic,
we have designed the consultation as an opportunity to get to know one another in the hope that your expectations may be fulfilled.

If you wish to schedule an appointment at Synergy Chiropractic, call 973-917-8451. Or simply fill out the form located at the schedule an appointment section found on the top of this page. We appreciate your time and look forward to meeting you soon..