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What Are Secondary Conditions?

“Symptoms” – known as your bodies warning signs, could be indicators of a more serious underlying condition. Listed below are some of the secondary conditions that develop from the presence of a Structural Shift.
Neck Pain
Sciatica & Hip Pain
– Numbness & Tingling
Headaches (Including Migraines)
– Pinched Nerve
Herniated Disc
– Canal Stenosis
– Rotator Cuff & Elbow Pain
– Degenerated Disc Disease
– Degenerated Joint Disease
– Decreased Range of Motion
– Poor Posture
– Muscular Imbalance
– Dizziness / Vertigo
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– Upper Back Pain
Lower Back Pain
– Allergies
– Digestive Disorders
– Sinus Conditions
– Spinal Decay
Spinal Stenosis
– Strength Issues
– Fatigue
– Dowagers Hump
– Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
– Muscle Spasm
– Tennis Elbow

Although Spinal Degeneration is easily explained, it is not something that should be overlooked. Spinal Degeneration is a disease of the spine that occurs primarily because of the presence of Structural Shifts.

When Structural Shifts are neglected they leave the spine in a compromised condition resulting in instability, AHS (Anterior Head Syndrome), and ultimately secondary conditions and ill health. When you visit a chiropractor who focuses on Structural Correction early on in this process than positive changes can be made to the spine and secondary conditions can be resolved and sometimes completely avoided.