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What Is My First Step?

Upon completion of the (complimentary consultation), a perspective patient may then choose to proceed to our Structural Chiropractic Correction examination. The Structural Chiropractic Correction examination is comprehensive. Therefore we recommend that you allow yourself 45 minutes for the completion of this process.

Structural Correction Examination process:

  • Specific Spinal Structural Assessment
  • Structural Instrumentation
  • Orthopedic & Neurological checks
  • Range of Motion & Functional Movement Assessment
  • Complete series of Structural Corrective Radiography with Specialized Analysis

The Structural Chiropractic examination is designed for three specific purposes:

  1. Detect the presence of Structural Shifts
  2. Allow for a better understanding of “normal”
  3. Explanation and understanding of the underlying cause of your condition.

Once the examination is completed, we will schedule you for a conference.

During the conference we will explain our findings, how we can help you, and how things work in our office if you should choose to allow us to work with you.